Portland Oregon Landscape Design

When you need help with your residential small city garden, Carol is there as your landscape designer. Whether it’s drought tolerant plants, low maintenance landscape, design for NW native plants, or more; her affordable landscaping has helped all of her Portland Oregon area clients. Call to learn more about her landscape design process.

Patio Sellwood East Moreland residential landscape design


“We hired Carol to help us figure out what we could do to complete our landscape and had a list of needs including plants that weren’t thriving, areas needing more terracing, and privacy needs. She came to the house on a rainy day in early March and was still able to see the yard as if it were in full vigor. She left us with a drawing of what to put where, a list of plants, and names for both a contractor for the terracing and an arborist to help with pruning. We have been following her list explicitly and hired both the contractor and the arborist with great results. Little by little we have been adding the plants off the list and Carol has been available by text/ email to help us make choices even when we are at the nursery! Thanks Carol! We look forward to working with you again as needed once the current changes are made.”
~Debbie E.

“I have been absolutely delighted working with Carol and the amazing designs she did for us for our front and back yards. The process was really cool and very interactive. She really got to know us and our aesthetic and put it together in a design I never could have come up with and absolutely love. I had ideas about things I wanted, but no idea how to implement them, like a path from the street to our front door, an herb spiral, and a fence in our front yard. We moved into our house a year ago and our front yard was just a big field of weeds and because we are on a cul de sac, slightly odd shaped. Our back yard had so many problems from river rock paths that had not been up-kept to a rotting deck. She worked some magic! Everything is thoughtful and well placed and she incorporated beautiful plants that are low maintenance and attract birds and pollinators, which is important to us. Every window has a gorgeous view and all my friends are jealous. I can’t wait for spring so I can finish planting and start throwing garden parties! She also recommended a really fantastic contractor to implement the design.”

“Carol and the Landscape Design in A Day team did a great job with our landscape design. She is extremely knowledgeable on all things plant and landscape related, and worked to fulfill our desires for a NW natural look, with cottage style accents. She is very customer focused and spent time reviewing different options to see what appealed to us the most. Her communication and organizational skills are very strong as well. We are very happy we chose Landscape Design in a Day! For plantings, we used Living Elements Landscape, who seamlessly took the project hand-off to get plants in the ground. Overall it was great teamwork and a super experience!”
~James, Portland

“We loved working with Carol for our modern front yard design in SW PDX. Her passion for her job is evident and it was inspiring to watch her work in our home for the day. She is well organized, fair and very professional.”
~NHCIRINO, SW Portland

“I loved working with Carol on planning our design for our backyard. I loved the process from start to finish. She was great at leading the actual day of planning, making sure we got to everything we needed and didn’t get off track. Surprisingly, she helped me get to make decisions based upon my preferences and goals that would have taken me forever to get to myself. I’m really excited about the design, and can’t wait to implement!”
~Lisa B. Portland

“Listens to what you want (bird habitat, hosting, kids play area, privacy, interior views, etc.) and then draws up plans to fit your needs. Happy to refine the plans until it fits just right. Great knowledge of plants. Chooses ones to accentuate your favorite season and colors. Easy to work with. Had great references for contractors and where to source materials for a self completed project.”
~Bruce SE Portland

“Carol is amazing! Her process is very collaborative and I feel that the final product reflects my vision guided and shaped with her expertise. So excited to see it develop and grow! Highly recommend – especially if you are interested in gardening and want something truly personal.”

“As a Landscape Contractor installing Carol Linday’s projects I appreciated not only her knowledge but her passion for each project. Carol engages her clients in the design process and listens to their ideas. Carol provides her clients with a collaborative Landscape Design often including my opinions to make sure her ideas are feasible. A Landscape Design by Carol represents her years of design work combined with her desire to create what you as the Homeowner want for your Landscape.”

“Carol understood us and got our style for a NW Natural Landscape Design for our North Portland backyard. The design process–Landscape Design in a Day–is very collaborative and were very happy that she surpassed our expectations for low maintenance, no lawn, great textured plantings, back yard landscape design. She used a combination of native plants and low water plants that added to the year round beauty and she understood that we wanted to do some of the work ourselves and helped us make a beautiful-yard-on-a-budget a reality. Our yard was a sanctuary thanks to Carol. We have recently moved to a new home and would love to work with her again. While she was very professional in sharing her expertise, she made us feel like her friends. Highly recommend.”
~ Jennifer, N Portland

“Working with Carol was great! We have a complete landscape we love and can execute on our own timeline. Her deep knowledge of plants and versatility in design styles makes her a perfect fit for any yard.”
~ Andrew & Ezequiel

“We live in NE PDX and were in desperate need of help of re-imagining both our front & back yards this spring.

The simultaneous addition of a puppy to our family and removal of 2 diseased 20″diameter maples in front yard & an apple tree in back yard (causing GI-issues for puppy) sent us searching the internet for help. Carol’s unique ‘design-in-a-day’ immediately caught our eye.

Having never hired any type of landscape professional, Carol made us quickly feel at ease with her straight-forward & collaborative process. After a 30-minute phone interview, we received Carol’s initial design package in the mail. The package included: a detailed questionnaire about our land/hard-scape likes and dislikes, cost-saving instructions for completing our own scaled plan of our property, and photo log instructions. Upon our submittal of the initial design package, we scheduled a 6-hour in-home design day with Carol. After walking our property & clarifying any questions she had about our survey responses, Carol diligently prepared multiple layout options for us to consider/discuss as a group. She then took the elements we liked from each of the layout options to create one unifying design that flows beautifully.

Carol has provided recommendations for contractors, but we have not yet implemented the design due to summer travel/commitments. However, we look forward bringing our collaborative design to life over the next year!

In hindsight, we’d recommend future clients create a Pinterest or Houzz page of their personal land/hard-scape preferences. We did not do this, but it would have likely made the design portion a little easier for Carol ;-)”
~Kasey, NE Portland

“We hired Carol for her design service. We were very pleased with how hard working and throrough she was. Carol came at 10:30 am on a Saturday and worked until 6:30 pm. She asked a lot of questions to make sure she designed exactly what we wanted. She studies how the sun and shade falls on the property. During our conversation she would give us tips on planting and watering. We are very happy with the results and would highly recommend her.”

“My wife and I worked with Carol Lindsay from Landscape Design in A Day to update the 20 year old landscaping in our back yard and around our back deck. She met with us and listened to our needs and concerns and collaborated with us to develop a design we are very happy with. We were impressed with her knowledge of the plants that work well in the Pacific NW and with her ability to translate our input into a beautiful design that worked for us. I highly recommend you call her to explore how she can help you.”
~ Rick

“Our Beautiful Yards. We looked for a long time for the right fit to redesign the landscapes in the front and back yards of the home we purchased a few years ago. The yards were such a mess it was really difficult for us to picture the future state on our own. Carol applied her years of experience and took the time to understand what we were looking for. The changes were all made last summer. Removed a nuisance maple tree pushing on the house, complete some hardscape items and then plant the plan Carol developed. Those plants are now embracing spring and our yard is looking lovely. Carol was awesome throughout the process and with our follow up questions and substitutions after the fact. We would highly recommend Landscape Design In a Day for your next outdoor project.”
~ Richard Portland

“I worked with Carol on a design for my front yard. She did a great job translating my wants to a design and provided lots of advice on how to make it reality on my own. She was also available after the original design day to answer my questions and provide additional advice. I would recommend her to anyone.”
~ Roseanne, Lake Oswego

“We’ve used Carol’s Landscape Design in a Day process for both our front and back yards. We have been thrilled with the outcome!
Our first experience with Carol was when she helped design our front yard. She really listened to our goals- we wanted to take out the lawn and fill the area with plants that are low water or drought tolerant. She created a landscape that accomplished this- we have plantings that provide year-round presence but still offer great summer color. It blends nicely with our craftsman style house and even allows some edibles in the front yard. She was very helpful in connecting us with a landscape contractor and someone to help deliver additional plants to our door. Even after the design process, she’s been available to help trouble-shoot issues that have come up.
We repeated the process a few years later for the backyard. She helped take a small space and transformed it into a combination patio/garden/play area. She helped us think outside of the box to make the best use of the area.
We even added on a Garden Consultation afterwards to help further educate us on care of the plants and trouble shoot some areas that I wanted to improve.
We love our design and get frequent compliments on it! We would definitely recommend working with Carol!”
~ Lori, Portland

“Carol was a pioneer in design-in-a-day garden consulting. As a result, people who couldn’t afford a full-on design were able to have a beautiful, useful space to enjoy. Carol’s designs reflect her talent for communicating with clients to bring out what they want, often before they know what they want. Her designs are innovative, insightful and sometimes spiritual.”

~ Kym Pokorny, former garden writer for Oregonian

“Carol’s process is very collaborative. She asks lots of questions, requests photos of your outside space, and has a scheduled in-depth phone conversation with you — and that’s all before she ever sets foot in your yard for her Design in a Day. This allows her to learn your preferences, the challenges of the property, and gets her creative juices flowing, all before she ever meets you and creates the design for your outside space. We are thrilled with the designs she created for both our front and back yards, which were executed and installed by D and J Landscape Contractors (another highly recommended company). The yards have been transformed into welcoming, beautiful spaces that we appreciate every day, whether we’re looking at our new views out the windows, or enjoying dinner outside.”

~ Patricia Maddox,  N.E. Portland

“I’ve worked with landscape architects and designers in the past and have had mediocre experiences. Carol’s “Design-in-a-Day” process is brilliant. She is so efficient making the process accessible both from a time commitment and a financial perspective. Her process drives the results and for me that looked like a very smart design using a super small space and the resources that we had. And, Carol herself is lovely. What I enjoyed the most in working with her is that she did not push her design style or preferences at all – she listened, respected and worked with my esthetic. I think this trait is rare for designers. I would highly recommend Carol.”

~ Jen Martin,  N.E. Portland

“My garden adventures with Carol, Design In A Day, begin in 2010. Carol took my “mismatched” garden and pulled it together by incorporating a variety of plants which added interesting leaf shapes, texture, and color. The addition of stone paths and walls, art pieces, and a deck with planter boxes created a garden that blends continuity, interest, and beauty. Since a garden is an ever-changing palate, I have continued to work with Carol as my garden coach so my garden space will continue to thrive.
“Carol is professional, knowledgeable, and talented. She’s a good listener and will collaborate with a team of experienced and creative contractors as well as resources for plants. With Carol’s style of landscape design one can select from a wide menu of options- from a garden design only where the client does the work, to a design and consultation, up to supervision of the project.”

~ Lois Waldron,  East Moreland

“Carol from Landscape Design in a Day helped us build the foundation of our new home landscaping project. Even though I’m an avid gardener, I had never been faced with a totally blank canvas on a very public corner property with heavy foot traffic. I knew I needed some help to make my yard a showcase for incorporating food crops and garden rooms into the design. On a wet afternoon, we huddled under the small covered patio while she listened to my needs and starting drawing out options. She thoughtfully created paths that flowed through the property, developed a private work area by properly locating the garden shed, and found places within the landscape to highlight my garden benches and a spoke fence that has been in the family for generations. I was and am very pleased with the help Carol provided in making my new house a home.”

~ Sherry Uctyil

“Carol is not only fun to work with, but she is a creative out of the box thinker who is thoughtful, and has a deep knowledge of her subject. She is incredibly talented and helpful. She helped me put together a plan for my front patio area and my back covered porch. Now both areas feel like Shangri-La. I don’t have a green thumb and Carol was able to break things down in a way that really made it easy for me to achieve my exterior planting goals. I really look forward to working with Carol again in the future.”

~ Kris Jones, NW Portland

“The Thomas St. back yard is looking so great. I have been thrilled watching all our little plants come back to life. We put it on the market about 10 days ago and had an offer within a few days.”

~ Pat

“I’m currently working on my second landscape project with Carol. It is fabulous! Together we have transformed a non-usable backyard into my new favorite spot to relax. The plants are thriving and it will soon be a lovely grotto for dinners, firepit and entertaining. The way the colors and leaf shapes blend and complement each other is delightful. Carol has a sixth sense about each clients style and needs. I wouldn’t consider using anybody else!

~ Pat

“Working with Carol Lindsay was a delight. She is not only professional and extremely creative but an especially nice person. As I acted as my own contractor, there were a number of unforeseen complications, and Carol was always available with advice and solutions. Communication was always predictable as she responds to phone calls and emails in a timely manner. But the best part is the result – a beautiful and unusual front yard landscaping project that is so obviously professionally designed, it’s an asset to the entire neighborhood. I can’t wait till spring when the picture will undoubtedly be more interesting. Please don’t hesitate to drive by or call me for a reference. I’d recommend Carol in a heartbeat.”

~ Annette,  East Moreland

“We had a great time doing the yard and we definitely enjoyed it. We sold the house about a month and a half ago. The yard was a huge selling point as we had great curb appeal. Selling after only 7 days on the market for over asking price. So we definitely did something right! Thanks so much for your help in making it beautiful. We will keep you in mind with our new house and definitely as a referral.”

~ Lila

“I first engaged Carol to create the design. I think I was a typical client in that I had specific likes and dislikes, had favorite plants, and knew how much of gardening I would enjoy doing, but did not know how to put it together so that the whole looked good and was not just of collection of unrelated, individual plants.

I found Carol’s design process effective, and I may say, very enjoyable. Doing my own survey of the property prepared me for the detailed discussions during the design. I particularly appreciated her standing her ground in defending some design features which at first I could not visualize, but which, when completed, turned out to be – I think – some of the most attractive features of the new yard. When requested, Carol recommended contractors and sources of plant materials – all turned out to be excellent choices.

One of the best decisions I made was to engage Carol to supervise during implementation. We hired the contractor, but she made sure that the design was followed; she helped decide on the contractor’s recommendations, and made sure that the contractor’s detailed questions were answered within the context of the design.

Carol was a pleasure to work with, knew her subject, communicated well, and was patient in working with me. We are very happy with the results – they speak for themselves – and I am more than happy to serve as reference and answer questions of her prospective new clients.”

~ Lynda

“I have been working with Carol for about 20 years now and absolutely love doing so!  She designed my garden for my previous home in meticulous detail and was there to answer all of my questions and I worked the wonders that she had recommended.  During the design process, one particular step that I appreciated was that she listened carefully to what I cared about in the way of design, plants and their future needs.

When I moved into a new home recently, Landscape Design in a Day was my need and there she was working her magic again!  Currently, this project is partially installed due to the season. Do give her a try.  You will not be disappointed.”

~ Hallie Hackenberger, Wilsonville

“I first met with Carol 2 years ago. I desperately needed help transforming my backyard. I found Landscape Design in a Day  on the web and I was drawn to her concept.  The way she organized the design process allowed me to know exactly what I was spending on design services. Not knowing what a design company would charge had in the past held me back from moving forward.

Carol also recommended a contractor that worked out wonderfully. It is important to note that Carol’s service is design only but she has contractors she works with that are familiar with her designs and execute them very well.

I met with Carol and the result was exactly what I had in mind with all of the mistakes I would have made weeded out. Carol was fun to work with. She asks lots of questions, is thoughtful about the space and its function, l flow and energy and just plain has a good eye. She can take what the client wants fundamentally and make it work beautifully. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of landscape design including the hardscape.

My back yard paver patio, paths, gas fire pit and the first phase of plants was installed last fall.  The 2nd phase of plants will go in come spring.
I have enjoyed very much working with Carol and look forward to designing the front yard with her next summer.”

~ Lisa Pettit, N.E. Portland

“Design a back yard. On a new home, the landscaping is minimalist and boring. We needed something we could enjoy year round.

The design went incredible. Over the course of several hours, and working with Carol, she laid out the plans for an oasis, right down to what plant went where. We followed that design and we now enjoy one of the finest backyard escapes in my entire neighborhood. It is beautiful to the eye, and very relaxing.”

~ Kathryn, Ridgefield, WA