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True Low Maintenance Landscape Uses Synthetic Lawn

Save Time and Money by Installing Synthetic Lawn The synthetic lawn and Landscape Design in a Day was a retirement gift Bob and Norma gave to themselves.  They were so sure about synthetic lawn they had already purchased it. From the first phone call, I knew how many square feet of synthetic lawn we would […]

Synthetic lawn and your dog-a heavenly match?

Synthetic Lawn Can Be The Best Landscaping For Your Dog Garden Designer Carol Lindsay of Design in a Day talks about her experience with synthetic lawn for clients with small yards and dogs. I am excited about synthetic lawn?  I can’t believe I am saying this, after all I was born in Eugene, Oregon – […]

Lawn Do Over for Portland Landscapes

This is the year for rethinking the lawn. As a Portland landscape designer many of my new clients want to make big changes in their landscapes.  I am recommending clients replace their old lawns with new and improved grass varieties. My Lake Oswego clients, George and Marcia, contacted me completely discouraged about their front yard. […]

Outdoor Pee Pad for Dog – A Landscape Designer’s Solution

Outdoor Pee Pad for Dog – A Portland Landscape Designer’s Solution I live on a floating home and when my dog has to go pee or poop, the parking lot is a long ways away.  My perfect solution to living on the river with a dog, is synthetic lawn on my small garden balcony.  I […]

Dog Joy – Shady City Backyards with Dogs

Dog joy – Shady city backyards with dogs Is your shady city backyard with dogs a mud pit? This blog is dedicated to dog joy.  It’s time to stop getting mad at your dog for bringing mud and dirt into your house.  They can tell we are mad even if we try to hide it.  […]