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Portland Landscape Designer Alana Chau

Posted on: November 13, 2019

Portland Landscape Designer Alana Chau

Hi I’m Alana

Alana Chau designs landscapes in Portland, Oregon for Landscape Design in a DayI’ve been working with Carol (Landscape Design in a Day) for a year and a half now, I suppose it’s time to make it Blog-Official! My name is Alana Chau and I love being a Landscape Designer.

I met Carol one December day at Cistus Nursery on Sauvie Island. I was a sales associate and she wanted a unique plant gift for her sister. She was the only customer there because… December… so we got to chatting. Fast forward a few years and I now design for her company, Landscape Design in a Day.

Start Out With The Fun

Setting back a portion of this modern fence style creates perfect fit landscape design in Woodstock neighborhood in S.E. PortlandI like to start out with what you really want for your outdoor space. Eating area? Low Maintenance? Year-round interest? Let’s talk about what having a great yard means to you, because everyone’s “great yard” is different. I have yet to meet two homeowners who want exactly the same thing. That’s what makes this job so fun.

Then Comes the Function

New deck design makes best use of space in small Sabin neighborhood property in NE Portland.

This beautiful deck was designed to solve slope, privacy, and access issues with a Landscape Design in a Day Process.

This is where we get down to business. How does the space need to function to make your life better? How do you get to the trash bins and how do those bins get to the street? How will you get around the space to do maintenance? Is there a water issue here and a drought issue there? Don’t worry, these are not questions you need to answer, these are the questions for which we find creative solutions!

And Finally, Plants!

I love plants. It’s what got me into this career. I’m a former engineer who didn’t play well with cubicle life. I spent most of my career as a consultant before finally taking the leap and going back to school for Landscape Design. Although it’s not all sunshine and roses (there is rain, dog poo, and blackberry bushes to contend with after all), I absolutely get a kick out of helping people turn their inspirations and worries into a real live landscape that they get to enjoy.

Landscape design in Rose City Park neighborhood enhances beauty and privacy of tiny side yard.Ready to Get Going?

Of course I provide full Landscape Designs to transform your yard. But I also provide Garden Consultations and Garden Coaching at your home for those of you who don’t need the full transformation. Ask questions, learn how to correctly plant or prune, or just float some of your ideas around and get an understanding of what can work for your individual space.

If you’d like to set up some time to chat, please email me Alana@LDIAD.Com or text/call 503-927-3279. I look forward to working with you!