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Kenton Mid Century Modern Landscape Design

Kenton Mid Century Modern Landscape Design My client Wendy, in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland, wanted a landscape designer to help her realize a mid century modern landscape design style vision.  Her mid century modern was built in 1957.  She had a lot of ideas of her own and wanted a collaboration. Kenton mid […]

Native Plants for Drought Tolerant City Landscapes

Native Plants for Drought Tolerant City Landscaping People dream of a landscape that will need no watering.  Sometimes because they think it will be less work but more likely these days they recognize that water or the lack of it is an environmental problem that will continue to grow.  Like the Brits in World War […]

New Shrubs Expand Designer’s Palette

Add to Your Drought Tolerant Landscape Design I’m excited about these new plants for Portland gardens. Many of us are familiar with California Lilac and its blue flowers.  Beloved by bees, including our endangered native bumble bees, it’s  also a host plant for Swallow Tail butterflies.  However, it has its problems in a home landscape.  […]

Winters come early, protect your plants

Tips for Winter Care of Drought Tolerant & Other Plants   I recently was a guest on a radio talk show, Real Estate Today, with Gloria Hahn of the Hahn Group.  Once again it was fun, I was only a little nervous and it went well. We talked about protecting plants from winter weather damage.  […]

Five Important Garden Tips

Five Important Garden Tips You Need Weeds and Garden Mulch Use mulch or even bark dust initially. The first two years in your new landscape are critical for controlling weeds. While installing your new plants, the soil has probably been disturbed and this wakes up dormant seeds causing perhaps hundreds to germinate a a time. If you are […]