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Landscape Designer, Carol LindsayWith 20 years experience as a residential landscape designer, Carol Lindsay enjoys combining your lifestyle and interests with her exceptional awareness for the design potential of your home-garden and patio spaces and extensive knowledge of NW native plants and home-garden designs. Carol enjoys using native plants, rain gardens and drought-tolerant landscaping to create NW natural garden designs and outdoor entertaining landscape ideas.

She also offers Garden Coaching for clients who want monthly, quarterly or twice-yearly garden coaching sessions to help keep their outdoor entertaining and garden spaces looking beautiful in every season.


  • President of the Association of NW Landscape Designers (ANLD) in 2006
  • Coordinator of the annual Association of NW Landscape Designers successful Behind-the-Scenes Garden Tour in June
  • Member of the Association of NW Landscape Designers for 22 years
  • Carol studied at Cornell College of the Arts
  • Showcase Garden Judge, Portland Home and Garden Show for 7 years
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