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We look forward to making your garden dreams a reality!

Landscape Design in a Day logoLandscape Design in a Day is a landscape design process for people with smaller city properties, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gardeners and homeowners looking for customized home and gardening landscape designs.

We work with you to develop a landscape design that will make your garden beautiful, entertaining, and easy to maintain. 

Landscape Design in a Day has the design expertise to fit your lifestyle including:

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Need Advice or On-Site Garden Coaching?

It's amazing how much food you can grow in a 4x8 raised bed.

Carol Lindsay

Contact Carol Lindsay at Landscape Design in a Day to discuss Garden Coaching or our full-service landscape design services.

What is Garden Coaching?
Carol Lindsay specializes in assisting gardeners fulfill their landscape dreams by consulting with them on design concepts, plant selection, hardscaping and more.

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